Waiau has become a memory – small town, great little camper park. Very clean and friendly welcome. The kind of place that you’d happily hang around in for longer but not much is going on. Research told us that whale watching charters were booked out in Kaikoura for the next two days; however, we decided to head there anyway. It promised to be scenic and it did not disappoint.

There were plenty of roadworks on the way which slowed our progress. Upon arriving in Kaikoura, Cooper was shotgun with Sue the driver. The seal colony sign reappeared so we followed suit. Plenty of sea lions and feathered fauna were basking in the day’s glow with the backdrop of snow capped peaks that seems to follow us around. The spectre of hunger made its presence felt so we ventured back into the town centre to find a meal and enquire about whale watching opportunities. We were in luck when the isite host exclaimed that she can get us on at 7.15 tomorrow. We’ve struggled to get out of bed before 8 so it will be a challenge so that’s what awaits us tomorrow.

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