Tired but content describes the travellers after arriving home by taxi at around 7.45 pm (i.e. 10.15 NZ time). No decisions about the next day needed to be made. Breakfast of whatever was left started the day. Pack up, gas refill and waste disposal were completed, before heading to Queenstown for Fergburger. The biggest line up for a burger since Carl’s Jr opened in Mt Barker spilled onto the footpath. The burger was tasty but before we could savour the sun, ZQN was on the mind. A full fuel tank was required at 1.80/litre (rueing the failure to fill up at 1.60/litre in Mossburn).

We reminisced about the fun to be had on the Remarkables and Mt Coronet. They were visible from the departure lounge. Final call was announced so we headed across the tarmac to board our Air NZ flight.

Touch down, touch down Tullamarine threw up minor excitement as the SA boys returning home from AFL draft camp boarded the same flight, trophies in hand from their superior performances.

Spying the eel of water named Murray told us that Adelaide was close and the engines were on low throttle.


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