Paradiso a Terra Mia

After sampling the fare at Ristorante Paradiso the awareness of our journey coming to an end soon is edging into consciousness. A good night’s sleep was on the cards.

With the sound of rain on the roof, the campers gradually stirred. It looked to be a wet journey as the Met has forecast a change. Backtracking via Manapouri, turning left at Mossburn, then lunching at Kingston, The Remarkables were a familiar embrace with Lake Wakatipu lapping at the toes.

The Arrowtown map was the first place overtly trumpeting its LOTR connection. Exactly which scenes is not clear whatsoever. Our site secured, a trek into town revealed a homage to the gold digging days. Heritage buildings and purposeful replication captured the irises. Our meal at Terra Mia was delectable. Great pasta and seafood were served. Probably the meal of the trip.

Goldfields heritage Arrowtown
Final campsite with snow-capped alps

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